Academic Lessons at KVIS

05 August 2022 : Location : KVIS: Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

“📚 Academic Lessons at KVIS 📚”

People may wonder what KVIS classrooms look like. What do KVIS students learn in class? Through these videos, you are going to explore the chemistry, biology, and social science lessons at our school, and learn more about the teaching styles of our exceptionally experienced instructors

Chemistry and Earth Science Lesson ‘Chemical Bonding’ 🥼🧪

Chemistry is regarded as a challenging subject for students due to its abstraction that requires imagination towards things on a molecular level. Thus, utilizing the instructional video that describes chemistry through vivid animation could be the answer for those who are new to this subject, as it could visualize the atoms and molecules very well.

Chemical Bonding were selected as an example of video as it is fundamental concepts in chemistry, which include Atom, Electrons, and Periodic Properties. Chemical Bonding lesson can also apply to matter and properties of substance, namely Chemical Properties and Chemical Reactions, as well as physical properties.

This video is for Thai and international students and could be a useful learning material for teachers.

🍿 🎬 ‘Chemical Bonding’ Lesson

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Biology and Environmental Science Lesson ‘Journey from Flowers to Fruits’ 🌺🍏

Have you wondered how do fruits grow? and what part of plants do we eat?

This “Journey from Flowers to Fruits” lesson would take you to the journey from flower to fruit. You will explore plant life cycle, factors associated with plants fertilization, plant adaptation, types of fruits and their developmental stages. Let’s check this video out!

🍿 🎬 ‘Journey from Flowers to Fruits’ Lesson

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Social Studies Lesson ‘Introduction to Politics’ 👑📜

This lesson, “Introduction to Politics”, is part of Civic Responsibilities courses at Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS). The main purpose of Social Studies subjects at KVIS is to ask students fundamental questions about the society they are and will be living in.

In this video, we ask why do politics and political systems matter? how many kinds of political systems and governments are there in the world? and where do they come from?

Living in a society, we, the people, transfer our power to a political entity whose major responsibilities are to ensure that we can live together peacefully; to raise, manage, and distribute limited resources; and, most importantly, to be accountable to people's power.

The lesson is for teachers and learners in junior and senior high school as well as general audiences to initiate discussions and provide a basic understanding of the foundation of politics in the contemporary world.

🍿 🎬 ‘Introduction to Politics’ Lesson

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