KVIS students through to Math Olympiad camp 2

30 November 2016 : Location : Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) of Thailand conducted Math Olympiad Training Camp 1 during 10 - 28 October, 2016. This camp is aimed at finding new talents among the Thai students and encouraging them to represent Thailand for International Mathematics Olympiads.

A group of KVIS students trained by our mathematics teacher Mr. Wasanont Pongsawat participated in this camp. As a result of various evaluations done by IPST, a list of students who qualified to attend Math Olympiad Camp 2 was released. Among the shortlisted students, KVIS students Jirayus Jinapong, Teetat Vongvanich and Sarawut Suebsang qualified to the next camp. KVIS community congratulates them for achieving this feat.