Kamnoetviyda Science Academy’s Pre-sessional Camp 7

02 มิถุนายน 2564 : สถานที่ : โรงเรียนกำเนิดวิทย์

Kamnoetviyda Science Academy’s Pre-sessional Camp 7

    One of the annual highlights at Kamnoetviyda Science Academy is the school’s Pre-Sessional Camp that it hosts for the last seven years for all new students.

    The pandemic certainly did not deter the school’s commitment to give these students a chance to use English. This year’s camp, the 2nd camp to go online consecutively, had Phase 1 (26 April to 7 May) focusing on building the students’ confidence in English. For approximately two weeks the students were engaged in small group discussions and group work, meeting and making new friends online! Hence, it was only natural to see all of them eager and enthusiastic to meet their virtual friends in Phase 2, on campus.

    Phase 2 which ran from 27-30th May saw friendships formed so easily and without reservations. The school seniors gave the new students a warm welcome with four days of fun-filled activities.