KVIS teams received medals from the Student Science Project Competition in the 38th Burapha University Science Week.

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KVIS teams received medals from the Student Science Project Competition in the 38th Burapha University Science Week

    On 30th August – 3rd September 2021, the Student Science Project Competition, which was a part of the 38th Burapha University Science Week, took place via an online system. This event was held by the Faculty of Science, Burapha University, with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, and the Science Society of Thailand under the Patronage of his Majesty the King.

    Eight Projects from KVIS that won the medals are as follows:

    Category: Physical Science

    1.Gold Medal for ‘the Effects of Magnetic Field to The Frequency Generated by an Active Magnetic Buzzer’ by Mr. Settasit Settagaroon, Mr. Pojchara Ounjaroen, and Mr. Wachirawit Nisapruksachart, with teacher Kriangkamon Sawangsri, the project supervisor.

    2.Silver Medal from ‘the Piper Betle Antibacterial Cellulose Film Integrated with Drug Delivery System’ by Ms. Sanfun Pattamamongkolchai, and Ms. Yanikan Lerdwongsakul, with teacher Pimsiri Danphitsanuparn, the project supervisor.

    3.Bronze Medal for ‘the BF2-modified curcumin derivatives from turmeric crude extract as an efficient natural-based chromophore for organic luminescent solar concentrator’ by Ms. Chompoonuch Tempattrachok, Mr. Naphat Panniam, and Mr. Nattakan Tantawanich, with Dr. Prasongporn Ruengpirasiri, the project supervisor.

    4.Certificate for ‘the Irradiated Biochar from Water Hyacinth for High-Performance Supercapacitor’ by Ms. Charlita Sinmak, Mr. Kittapas Kitsanadecha, and Ms. Patchanan Onchomchan, with Dr. Suranan Anantachaisilp, the project supervisor.

    5.Certificate for ‘the Well-controlled deposition of Cu nanocube structure on Ag substrates to investigate antimicrobial efficiencies’ by Mr. Supphanat Anantachaisophon, Mr. Thanakrit Vachiraanun, and Mr. Weerapat Li, with Dr. Yutichai Mueanngern, the project supervisor.

    Category: Biology

    1.Gold Medal for ‘the Remediating Powder of Ammonia from MICP of Bacillus subtilis’ by Mr. Narawit Pratueangsukpong, Ms. Pojarpa Puanglumyai, and Mr. Ek-Amon Srijomkwan, with teacher Arjaree Thirach, the project supervisor.

    2.Bronze Medal for ‘the Effect of drip tip on leave water drainage’ by Mr. Chayanant Sandee, Mr. Rachanonphos Thananonthasawat, and Ms. Apisara Comchiang, with teacher Pimsiri Danphitsanuparn, the project supervisor.

    Category: Applied Science

    1.Silver Medal for ‘the Antimicrobial coating film from Ocimum basilicum, Ocimum tenuiflorum and Melissa officinalis for food bioplastic packaging with freshness monitoring indicator from Ruellia tuberosa L. flower’ by Ms. Chitsanucha Jirotkul, Ms. Pimchanok Lelapraditpong, and Ms. Ada Adamczak, with Dr. Janjira Maneesan, the project supervisor.

    Congratulations to all the students who brought honor to KVIS!