Empowering Local Youth with Healthcare and Life Skills Through 'KVIS Healthcare Knowledge for Youth' Program

08 กันยายน 2566 : สถานที่ : KVIS: Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

On July 5, 2023, a dedicated group of students from Kamnoetvidya Science Academy organized the 'KVIS Healthcare Knowledge for Youth' program at two neighboring schools, Thairat Wittaya Ban Khlong Khet School and Watpayup School.

This program aimed to provide secondary school students with essential knowledge about healthcare, daily routines (such as sleep, hydration, nutrition), mental health, and sex education.

The program played a vital role within the KVIS Medic project, which is committed to fostering a profound understanding of fundamental healthcare and first aid principles among the younger generation in the local Wang Chan area.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, this initiative leveraged the power of social media platforms, particularly Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/kvis.medic/), as an outreach tool. This allowed it to extend its reach and impact to a broader audience in the general public.

Photo: KVIS Medic Team