‘KVIS Healthcare Knowledge for Youth' Reaches More Schools!

03 ตุลาคม 2566 : สถานที่ : KVIS: Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

We are thrilled to share the latest update from the 'KVIS Healthcare Knowledge for Youth' program, an initiative driven by the passionate students of Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS) aimed at empowering local youth with essential healthcare and life skills.

In September 2023, the program continued its journey by reaching out to two more neighboring schools: Ban Yup Ta Neng School and Watpayup School. This expansion marks another significant step towards creating a more informed younger generation in the Wang Chan area.

As part of the KVIS Medic project, the program centered its efforts on teaching secondary school students about the importance of daily routines and mental health. These fundamental aspects of well-being often go unnoticed but are critical in shaping a balanced and healthy life.

We look forward to more updates from the KVIS Medic project as they continue their mission to make a positive difference in the Wang Chan area and also connect with a wider audience through social media platforms. Stay tuned! 📚🌱

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Photo: KVIS Medic team