Your Daily Dose of Health: KVIS Medic's Online Journey

11 ตุลาคม 2566 : สถานที่ : KVIS: Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

“KVIS Basic Medical Knowledge on Online Platform” is another student-led initiative aimed at sharing essential healthcare information with the public through engaging content on digital platforms, particularly Instagram.

As part of KVIS Medic project, a team of students is striving to create a meaningful impact on society by leveraging the potential of online platforms to share stylish and informative content that imparts valuable healthcare tips through one-minute videos and posts, ensuring that your online time is wisely invested!

Additionally, the project also organizes several giveaway activities to share small gifts with followers and offer little souvenirs to visitors during KVIS open house events.

Check out our fantastic content on Instagram: @kvis.medic, or click on this link to learn more 👉🏻

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