KVIS Medic Project Donates Vital Medical Equipment to Ban Khlong Khet Health Promoting Hospital

08 พฤศจิกายน 2566 : สถานที่ : Ban Khlong Khet Health Promoting Hospital

On November 8, 2023, the KVIS Medic project is set to make a meaningful contribution to the Ban Khlong Khet Health Promoting Hospital. The project, which aims to impart fundamental healthcare and first aid knowledge to local students in the Wang Chan area, is making a tangible impact by donating an oxygen generator and other essential medical equipment to the hospital. To this end, the “Fundraising for Local Medical Organizations” team has diligently organized fundraising activities to secure the necessary funds for this endeavor.

As part of their fundraising efforts, the team collaborated on the creation of unique postcards featuring photographs taken within the Kamnoetvidya Science Academy. These artistic pieces were transformed into memorabilia items, serving as tokens of appreciation for generous donors within the school communities. Contributions poured in from KVIS students and staff, school visitors, and parents who were deeply moved by the cause.

The funds raised through these collective efforts were allocated towards purchasing essential medical equipment for the Subdistrict Health Center Hospital in Ban Khlong Khet, Wang Chan District. Team members worked closely with the hospital to ensure that the donated equipment perfectly aligned with their specific needs. This collaborative effort reflects the project's dedication to making a meaningful and enduring impact on the healthcare services provided to the local community.

This generous act of philanthropy stands as a testament to the power of community engagement and the volunteerism of our students. The impact of this donation is expected to be far-reaching, providing vital support and resources to the dedicated healthcare professionals at the Ban Khlong Khet Health Promoting Hospital.

The KVIS Medic Project is one of the most exciting student-initiated volunteering projects in Academic Year 2023. The project leaders include Surapa Panjaphakdee, Bhuvit Charoenpanich, Thunradee Wongphitakroj, and Siratcha Boonsakdee. Let us also extend our gratitude to the project advisors who have overseen the project: T. Phakin Nimmannorrawong, T. Yu-Ting Chiang, T. Nareekarn Nakhamdee, and T. Patthanah Songchat.


Photo: KVIS Medic Team