Message from Principal

Message from the Principal

Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS) was established in 2015 from the vision of Dr. Palin Chuchottaworn, the former president and chief executive officer of the PTT Public Company Limited. Since the beginning, we have been committed to making the education at KVIS accessible to talented students with high academic achievements regardless of their background. This has been possible because of the generous financial support from the PTT Group. 

KVIS administrators, teachers, and staff members see it as our responsibility to bring out our students’ talents, to broaden their viewpoints and interests, and to develop their best personalities. In addition to providing excellent education, we aim to foster students’ confidence, perseverance, and integrity. We also focus on embracing creativity, enhancing communication skills, encouraging teamwork, as well as promoting an open-minded and outward-looking mentality. This will equip them with the readiness to make contributions to any community they will be a part of in the future.

It is our aim to provide intellectually talented students from various backgrounds an experience that enriches their lives and prepares them to contribute to a dynamically changing world through a high-level innovative curriculum, independent learning under professional guidance, active campus engagement, and most importantly, formation of character.

Students will find teachers and staff selflessly invested in their future success. In addition, they will be surrounded by great friends who will challenge them academically through active engagement and mutual respect. Students will discover that the KVIS community offers them a vibrant network of classmates, alumni, teachers, and staff. 

Records have shown time after time KVIS students’ high achievements. They have won a multitude of awards in all academic stages and been selected through rigorously competitive tracks to become Thailand’s representatives in top international competitions of all natures. 

As part of the team laying a foundation in the establishment of KVIS over 10 years ago, it was my privilege in developing a rigorous academic curriculum, assisting in various activities all along, and now with great pride, taking up the responsibility to lead the KVIS administrative team. 

Not only would KVIS graduates be global citizens who can work brilliantly anywhere in the world, but they would also take leading roles in making this planet the greatest place to live. It is with great confidence that KVIS has groomed our students to be top leaders in all endeavors. Rest assured that with strong supports from all sectors, we will continue to strive for the best. 

Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong, Ph.D.