Immigration FAQ for foreigner student and faculty

Any foreigner who would like to study at KVIS under any Exchange programme or any other options and teachers who work or visit KVIS under exchange programme must possess a Non Imm visa. Visa categories for students and faculty are Non Immigrant 'ED' and Non Immigrant 'B' (Employment) respectively. Visa for dependants of faculty come under Non Immigrant 'O' category.

Non Immigrant 'B' and 'O' visas could not be applied after coming to Thailand. These visa must be obtained from Thai consulates or embassies outside Thailand. Any alien entering the Kingdom of Thailand can get only Tourist visa on arrival. However, if students coming to Thailand with tourist visa are allowed to get Non Immigrant 'ED' visa, provided they have all required documents.

Visa Extension

Any faculty or student who are given with Non Immigrant visa by Thai embassies or consulates are valid for 3 months and must be extended as a one year visa. This extension is done for subsequent years with the same procedure. This process could be done 15 days prior to the expiry of the current visa. Visa Extension fees is 1900 THB. This should be accompanied with all required documents, application form TM87, signed copies of passport's front page, visa pages, work permit and a passport size photo. This application must be done in person.

Download: Visa Application Form TM87

Required Documents for students

  • Visa extension form TM.7
  • Letter of certification from KVIS (in Thai)
  • A photocopy of the passport
  • One recent 4 by 6 cm full-face photo
  • Tuition fee receipt
  • Grade report

Required Documents for faculty

  • Passport and signed copies of front and all visa pages
  • Work Permit and signed copies of front and all other pages
  • Contract copy
  • School Registration documents
  • Documents from KVIS related to shareholders and other information
  • Teaching license / temporary license copy
  • One recent 4 by 6 cm full-face photo

90 Day Notice

Though an alien possessing a Non Immigrant visa for an year, he/she is expected to notify their address of stay in Thailand every 90 days. Foreigner students and teachers are required to report 90 day stay at Rayong Immigration. This process requires only a filled application form and passport, if the applicant appears in person. Else this could be done through post by sending application form TM47, and copies of passport front and visa pages. If an alien leaves and returns back to the Kingdom, then the 90 day notice day changes again to the 90th day from the date of arrival into the Kingdom of Thailand. This is a free service.

Download: 90 Days notice application TM47

Re Entry Permit

After getting the visa extended to one year, aliens are allowed to apply for Re Entry permit. This can be used to keep the visa active when an alien leaves the Kingdom and returns back before the expiry of visa. The number of entries applied can vary between single and multiple. Every single entry permit costs 1000 THB, while multiple entry application costs 3800 THB. This should be done by the applicant in person. A re entry permit application form TM 8, pastport size photo and signed copies of passport's front and latest visa pages are required.

Download : Re Entry Permit Application form TM 8

The office of international affairs, KVIS provides transport facilities to foreigner students and teachers to shuttle between KVIS and Rayong immigration upon request and availability of vehicles.


Violation of any of the immigration rules may lead to fine or imprisonment or ban from entering into kindom to a certain term according to immigration laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.