Dr. Adis' visit to QASMT

13 May 2017 : Location : Queensland Academies Science Mathematics and Technology Campus, Australia

For a period of ten weeks as a part of professional development program for KVIS staffs, Dr. Adis Khetubol, Physics Teacher with KVIS, visited Queensland Academies Science Mathematics and Technology (QASMT) campus, one of the most successful schools in Australia with specialization in Science and Mathematics courses.

He was given a warm welcome by the Physics Department with QASMT. While in QASMT, Dr. Adis got opportunities to attend several classes for different levels of students. In these classes, he participated in activities like lectures, laboratory demonstrations and examinations. He consider this as useful experiences for his career development.

QASMT provides International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. IB has high levels of strength in the concepts included in the programme. Moreover, QASMT is a multicultural environment with a combination of students and well experienced teachers from different countries and cultures.

With this exposure, Dr. Adis strongly believes that he is confident enough to implement the best practices he got during his visit to QASMT and bring further collaboration between KVIS and QASMT in future.

Click Here for a detailed report on his visit, available in QASMT website.

Reported by Dr. Adis Khetubol Physics Teacher