English Language Training in New Zealand

06 May 2017 : Location : Dunedin, New Zealand

A team of KVIS teachers Ms. Thanaporn Thanodomdech, Mr. Guntaphon Tassanasophon and Mr. Warin Poomarin along with 9 students went to New Zealand for getting trained with a better proficiency of their English Language skills during March 11 to May 6, 2017. Mr. Guntaphon went with 3 students to Academic College Group (ACG), Auckland, while Ms. Thanaporn and Mr. Warin along with 6 students went to University of Otago Language Centre (UOLC), Dunedin. The latter is seen as a continuing collaboration between KVIS and UOLC

KVIS teachers and students, utilized this opportunity to their level best and improved their English Language Skills. Ms. Thanaporn and Mr. Guntaphon had opportunity to visit and observe Mathematics classes in the campuses where they were trained. Mr. Warin did the same with Physics classes. The entire team organised a trip to Queenstown and enjoyed their leisure time in a wonderful and peaceful manner. 

During this trip, they earned lot of friendship with people from nations around the globe. This team is confident enough to contribute to KVIS in the ways they got benefitted.

Reported by Ms. Thanaporn Thanodomdech Mathematics Teacher