Students and Teacher Exchange from the Republic of Tatarstan

30 August 2017 : Location : Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

During 17 - 29 August 2017, KVIS hosted the exchange team from Gymnasium-Boarding School No.13 for Gifted Girls and a representative of Humanitarian Gymnasium Boarding School for Gifted Children, The Republic of Tatarstan. The team consisted of Mr.Timur Agliev, Mr.Fanil  Gilayev, Ms.Nailya Mukhametshina, and four female students.

During the 2-week visit, the team experienced variety of activities. They joined the classes in Mathematics, English, and Psychology with their KVIS buddies. The students also got exposure to conduct the experiment led by KVIS' senior advisor. A session was initiated between the exchange and KVIS students in order to share their research interests. Apart from the academic activities, the team experienced Thai boxing, learning to wear Thai traditional costume, and Thai classical dance.

In order to gain the insight into Thai curriculum and cultural diversity, field trips and homestay weekend were conducted. First was the visit to Princess Chulabhon’s College Chonburi, where the team received a warm welcome from the teachers and students. On that weekend, exchange students also got to stay with host families. The buddies and their parents took them to explore many attractions in Bangkok.

On 25 August 2017, KVIS inked MoUs with Gymnasium-Boarding School No.13 for Gifted Girls, and Humanitarian Gymnasium Boarding School for Gifted Children. The exchange was considered successful as the exchange students and their KVIS buddies made a new friendship for the future.

Reported by Ms. Namfar Boonkor International Affairs Officer