Seminar on “Writing a Letter of Recommendation” at KVIS

26 September 2016 : Location : KVIS Auditorium

KVIS has many students of high potential who will be looking for places at top international universities. To prepare teachers and counsellors to write documents supporting applications to US Universities, KVIS invited John Carr to hold a seminar at school on the 26th of September 2016. John, a former counsellor at International School Bangkok (ISB), conducted an excellent seminar. He pointed out that all four of the following criteria must be met if a student is to be admitted to a top university.

(1) The school must have a good profile. 

(2) The student must have a good academic record as shown on the transcript.

(3) The student must have strong letters of recommendation (LoR) from teachers and/or counsellors.

(4) The student must write an impressive essay or statement of purpose.

He pointed out that top universities look for students with all-round ability who have strong leadership skills. To be noticed by admissions officers letters of recommendation should describe the qualities of a student clearly by giving specific examples. 

Reported by Ms. Pailin LimwattanachaiCounsellor, Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

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