Birds of KVIS - Part 1

30 September 2016 : Location : KVIS Campus

Thanakrit Wongsatit, KVIS Cohort 2

When land preparation and construction work began at KVIS in 2014 many birds disappeared: but for only a short time. Most of the existing trees were left in place so that when the frightening sounds of construction machines disappeared and the lake was filled with water the natural habitat had been improved. Former birds returned, and new species come to share the campus with staff and students. 

Thanakrit Wongsatit, KVIS Cohort 2, has been collecting data on "Birds at KVIS" since May 2016. 

Birds at KVIS

All the images were captured by Austin himself in the KVIS grounds.


Scientific name: Geopelia striata

Common name: Zebra dove

Scientific name: Ardea alba

Common name: Great egret

Scientific name: Passer flaveolus

Common name: Plain-backed sparrow (male)

Scientific name: Pycnonotus aurigaster

Common name: Sooty-headed bulbul

Scientific name: Anthus rufulus

Common name: Paddyfield pipit

Scientific name: Lonchura punctulata

Common name: Scaly-breasted munia

Scientific name: Anastomus Oscitans

Common name: Asian openbill

Scientific name: Lonchura striata

Common name: White-rumped munia

Scientific name: Orthotomus sutorius

Common name: Common tailorbird

Scientific name: Acridotheres tristis

Common name: Common myna

Reported by Ferdin Joe John JosephComputer Science Teacher, Kamnoetvidya Science Academy