Delegates Visit from University of Otago

10 October 2016 : Location : Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

To provide opportunities to experience an international perspective, Kamnoetvidya Science Academy sent 13 students and 2 teachers to participate in a “Summer English Language Studies program” at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand from 8 March to 21 May 2016. The program proved to be beneficial for students as they learnt invaluable lessons overseas and were able to strengthen their English language communication skills.  

The relationship between the two academies involved has been cultivated since then. Mr. Roger McElwain, the CEO of the University of Otago Language Centre and Foundation Year, visited Kamnoetvidya Science Academy after his trip to the Middle East on 10th of October, 2016. Mr. McElwain was warmly welcomed by our school principal, Dr. Thongchai Chewprecha, along with KVIS English teachers and staff members. The purpose of the visit was to discuss about the proposed collaboration between two schools. This includes short courses, scholarships and Internship programs for students, together with professional training for teachers. Additionally, an Exchange program of students and teachers between the schools will be set up.

Reported by Ms. Namfar BoonkorInternational Affairs Officer, Kamnoetvidya Science Academy