KVIS Curriculum


Local Feature Based Offline Thai Character Recognition

Member: Ms. Panatchakorn Anantaprayoon | Advisor : Dr. Ferdin Joe John Joseph, KVIS | Co Advisor: Dr. Sanparith Marukatat, NECTEC

Research Sponsor: JSTP

Video Presentation | KVIS Thai OCR Dataset: Download | [PDF

Cite the above dataset as follows:

Panatchakorn Anantaprayoon, Ferdin Joe John Joseph, Sanparith Marukatat, "Local Feature Based Offline Handwritten Thai Character Recognition", Proceedings of 2016 Thai Japan Science ICT Fair TJSIF 2016.

Keynote Lectures

9 March 2018: Internet of Things (IoT): Opportunities and Trends in the era of Big Data

Lecture Notes

Algorithm Design

M6 Semester 1

Lecture 1: Algorithm, Pseudocode and Flowchart

Lecture 3: Search Algorithms

Object Oriented Programming with Java

M4 Semester 2

NetBeans IDE is used.

Lecture 1,2,3: Introduction, Variables, Declaration, Control Statements

Lecture 4: Java - Arrays

Lecture 5: Java - Threads

Lecture 6: Java - Applets

Lecture 7: Java - Strings

Lecture 8: Java - Servlets

Lecture 9: Java - Sessions

Lecture 10: Java - Graphics


Computer Networks - Elective

Video Tutorial on Basics

Lecture 1: Introduction and Network Topologies

Lecture 2: OSI Model

Lecture 3: Wireless Network Protocols

Lecture 4: IP Address : Binary and Hexadecimal

Lecture 5: Network Addresses, Masking and Subnet

Lecture 6a: Network Security

Lecture 6b: Threats and Attacks

Lecture 7: Congestion and Resource Allocation

Lecture 8: Cryptography

Lectrure 9: Basic Computer Architecture

Lecture 10: Digital Logic Structures


Object Oriented Programming and C++

M4 Semester 1

Lecture 1: Programming and C++ Introduction

Lecture 2: Operators and Expressions

Lecture 3: Arrays

Lecture 4: Strings

Lecture 5: Control Statements

Lecture 6: Finite and Infinite Looping

Lecture 7: User Defined Functions

Lecture 8: Classes and Objects

Lecture 9: Constructors and Destructors

Lecture 10: Exception Handling

Lecture 11: Pointers in C++

Lecture 12: Templates

Lecture 13: User Defined Header Files

All the source code included in the lecture notes need GCC compiler of C++. Net Beans IDE is used.